My Amazing Neurologist, Dr. Neff!

27 08 2010

Here’s one of the best doctors that I have ever known.  She is a wonderful and caring human being.  I thought that you all should meet her!  (I wonder who’s brain she’s holding… Doctors will touch anything!)


Oops! Got caught red-handed!

23 07 2010

Matteo Luca Preite

2 07 2010

Went to the baptism of Greg’s little cousin, Matteo, over the weekend.  Greg was the Godfather.  Ok, what the heck…  he’s been a Godfather twice just this month and me, nothing!   And I thought that I was the cute one! (not to mention sweet, generous, and athletic)  Matteo’s Aunt Mary Lou is the proud Godmother and I’m very happy for her.  Oh well, check this out-  if you watch this video you will see me with the most famous person I know, Jay Preite!  He is the VP of animation at Fox studios.  He draws for the Simpson’s TV show and also The Family Guy.  He has designed covers for Rolling Stone, TV Guide, Harper’s, Vanity Fair, and Playboy! I even have a Simpson’s Movie poster that he autographed in my classroom and a new Family Guy autographed poster too!  Hmm… I wonder if I could sell those on eBay?  JUST KIDDING!

Ate too much…

27 06 2010

Went to a family function over the weekend.  Food was great!  I’m sooooo full!

Oh Boy, too much cake...

Redge, The Singing Jesus Guy

19 06 2010

Ok, so for years now I have seen this guy standing on the corner of Winchester and Margarita in Temecula playing his guitar, singing about Jesus, and driving a “Jesus” car.  Today, I decided that I was going to meet him.  And, of course, that I would capture it on video!  Little did I know that it would turn into a duet.  Oh boy, you have to see this…

Introducing Redge

My Street Corner Singing Debut

A Trip to the Post Office

14 06 2010

Graduation Night, Class of 2010

13 06 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!  Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  Come and Get It!

The moment you all have been waiting for-  my 2010 graduation video!  Hope it is as fun for you to watch as it was for me to create!  Let me know what you think.  There are two parts so make sure you watch both.

Part One

Part Two